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Objective: Sagacious, globally minded Nurse Educator-Leader-Scientist-Researcher, seeks a progressive, strategic leadership position where my eclectic skills, ethical perspective, scholarship, and experience in nursing education, research, policy/advocacy, and practice will be valuable in nationally and globally influencing and promoting sound healthcare practices and instigating thoughtful leadership among professional nurses and collaborating disciplines. Ultimately, I aim to Educate, Encourage, Inspire, and Mentor Nurses and other Healthcare workers, thus decreasing the brain drain, and ultimately attacking the global healthcare worker crisis, that if unchecked further aggravates the delivery of sound, equitable healthcare delivery for everyone. Additionally, I seek Board involvement to be impactful in helping others to achieve the best in their human condition and to be productive and safe in society. I am certified by Board Build to assist with leadership and service where diverse, trained leaders and organizations can unite and collaborate to foster strong communities in which individuals work, play, and grow.

Values: The overarching goal and program of scholarship is to use social and healthcare policy/advocacy, and community engagement with experiential learning as a vehicle for macro-level changes, by ethically challenging the status quo, to improve meaningful health outcomes, well-being, and quality of life by advocating for global populations and stakeholders. All individuals [everyone] should have equitable ‘access and success’ to health services and intercultural care, good health, and well-being. 

My Mission is to educate, inspire, and mentor the next generation of healthcare providers in Advocacy/Policy, Education, Research, and Practice. I aim to help them strategically promote health, and collaboratively provide tailored, globally appropriate healthcare. I prioritize respect, empathy, research, and evidence-based practices. Additionally, I have a strong desire to impactfully contribute to diverse workforce development and closing the brain drain gap in nursing & healthcare.

Vision: As a bold, multi-perspective, policy-minded, forward thinker, and commissioned health leader, I aim to become an integral part of improving national and global healthcare that is focused on meeting the needs of diverse individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and consumers, inclusive of those with specific needs reflective of local and global health disparities, environmental paucities, and geo-socio-politically determined calamities and atrocities. Additionally, I will help to attack health-related inequities nationally and globally, and to promote environmental sustainability, global citizenship, civic learning, and global citizens’ education, thus ensuring equitable access to health services and intercultural care. Additionally, continue to educate and mentor those seeking education and preparation in nursing and healthcare sciences.

Teaching Proficiency: competent, seasoned, creative, bold, and policy-minded Certified Nurse Educator [CNE] who serves adults who seek degrees in nursing science via face-to-face and online [synchronous and asynchronous] forums. I am credentialed by the Association of College and University Educators [ACUE] and am a National League of Nursing [NLN] Academy of Nursing Education Fellow, ANEF. Additionally, as a nurse researcher/scientist, advocate, public speaker, and communicator I am collaborative, creative, bold, and passionate about community engagement as a pedagogy.  I strategically incorporate community engagement and experiential service learning in my teaching, service, and scholarship.

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