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I was raised in a small suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas. After graduating from law school, I moved to Dallas, where I have lived since 1999. I wanted to be an attorney so that I could advocate for others, particularly families and children that, for whatever reason, needed help with the legal system and an advocate. My life took a different direction, and I became a corporate lawyer. But my heart continues to pull at me to “do more” and help others outside the corporate setting in which I practice.

I have 3 children and one grandchild. My daughter has a degree in social work and is a family law attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas. My two sons are in college at WashU in St. Louis. I also have a dog named Jake whose favorite pastime is sitting in my lap.

I have previously served on the Board for the Young Men’s Service League-Irving Hawks Chapter where I was President and Parliamentarian.

My primary goal in being on a board is to assist in providing strategic and legal support and generally assisting the organization in any way that I can. I have particular interest in working with organizations that support women and children.

LGBTQ+ Community