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Robert is driven to serve with an intense focus on eradicating food insecurity, combating the school to prison system, and serving as a mentor to men exiting the prison system.

He’s an Entrepeneur, a Volunteer, and a Philanthropist committed to supporting high performing organizations formed to serve missions larger than his own.

His career as an IT Senior Manager developed a skillset to be of service to others in a leadership capacity.  He’s been responsible for the deployment of systems of global scale serving Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and HR functions.  He’s led a variety of IT teams disciplines spanning application development, IT operations, analytics, and e-commerce.

He’s focused on People, Process & Technology, in that order.


  • Global Scale IT System Planning, Development, & Deployment
  • Software Application Product Development
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Directing or managing a large and complex organization
  • Merger and Acquisition-Planning & Execution
  • Strategic planning

Robert holds Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Management Information Systems from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Business Administration from Loyola University Chicago.  He has passed the Certified Public Accountancy exam and holds a suite of technology based certifications.

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