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I’ve always been someone who works hard, cares a lot about people, and treasures time spent with family and friends. After graduating from college, I accepted a job with a large institutional money manager. It seemed like a dream job I was excited for the future: managing investments for cities, government entities, and school districts. And while I enjoyed the financial analysis aspect of the work, surprisingly, I was miserable. That’s when I realized that I am not the typical individual with a finance degree and a CFA® charter who thrives in a world of numbers. It is true that I have an analytical mind and enjoy managing money. However, there is one thing I love more: working with people.I left that job and put my skills to work as an investment advisor for Schulz Wealth, an elite financial planning and wealth management firm. Several promotions later, I’ve never looked back. I truly enjoy getting up every day, meeting great people, and helping them make better financial decisions. As a trusted financial planner and fee-only fiduciary wealth manager, I have one mission: To be the expert trusted adviser who gives business owners peace of mind as we develop plans to sell their businesses and create a path to a successful transition.My strong sense of integrity led me to choose the fee-only fiduciary path to financial planning and wealth management over a more biased commission-based route. And, my CFA® designation has proven invaluable as I collaborate with my CFP® designated financial planning peers. Together, we provide an end-to-end financial planning and wealth investment management solution to business owners as they transform the value of the businesses into their dreams for the future – whatever they might be. Today, I am honored to have become a Partner at Schulz Wealth at the age of 25.When I’m not helping clients plan or advising them on wealth management strategies, you’ll find me watching sports with friends, playing golf with my dad and brother, or catching up on life over Sunday dinner with my grandparents and family.

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