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For my history, I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama.  I went to Auburn University for my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering (War Eagle!), and I graduated in May of 2016. Shortly after that, I moved to Fort Worth, Texas to begin my professional career as an engineer with Lockheed Martin. After spending six years with Lockheed, I decided to expand my understanding of business by pursing an MBA from TCU, which is where I’m currently at. The plan is to graduate in May of 2024.

Over the years in Fort Worth, I have been involved with my church, and have had many opportunities to develop as a leader here. This includes preparing content and teaching in kids ministry, serving and leading young adults, and leading a class. Outside of church, I recently picked up road bicycling, and am trying to become more proficient in this sport. This will hopefully one day contribute to me being able to complete some sort of triathlon.

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