Engage Your Key Players

Today’s workforce is more global, diverse, and educated than the past, and this welcomed shift means employers must show commitment to keeping key players engaged and try new methods to further their growth.

Board Leadership Makes An Impact

In a rapidly changing and challenging environment, employees are increasingly searching for more meaning in their work and desire opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Harvard Business Review found that 80% of employees would rather have a leader who helps them find meaning and fulfillment than receive a 20% pay increase. In an effort to engage high potential employees with meaningful experiences and opportunities for growth, companies often encourage these individuals to seek nomination to nonprofit boards or committees. Board leadership expands professional networks, deepens leadership skills, and allows individuals to strengthen and shape their communities. In addition to the professional development of top-performing employees, board leadership helps further your company’s social responsibility efforts and elevates your corporate visibility.

Virtual Professional Development

Emerging and established leaders alike want to contribute through board leadership, but they’re unsure how to make it a reality. Companies understand the benefit of having key employees serve on nonprofit boards, but they lack the tools and training to empower these team members.

We are committed to bridging that gap. With remote training that covers strategic planning, managing the complexities of staff and board relationships, navigating financial documentation, and more, virtual professional development is possible for your most valuable players. Today, BoardBuild certifies leaders in the essentials of nonprofit board governance and connects them with nonprofits seeking either passion, knowledge and expertise. Your employees enjoy the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from contributing their time and talent, your company benefits from their elevated skill set and the enhanced corporate visibility, and your community is strengthened as a result.


Upskill Your Team or Corporation

Sponsor your team’s professional development with our fully-remote, learner-led training, and empower them to connect with a nonprofit in need of their passions and expertise. 


"As a United Way of Tarrant County board member and Chair of the Diversity Committee, Board Build allowed us a platform to select new board and committee members. Board Build has significant ease and use and even more importantly, allows community members who desire to be engaged the ability to connect with nonprofits organizations."

Shannon F.

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